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Nicolas Seguel

My name is Nicolas Seguel Eduardo, and I was born on January 13, 1997, in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I hold Swiss, Bolivian, and Chilean citizenships, and I have been living in Switzerland since 2004.


Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the world of cinema, particularly by aspects of directing and aesthetics. I often wondered how certain images were captured.


With a vivid imagination, I enjoyed creating stories. I would then grab my phone or camera and start filming. Confident in my calling for filmmaking, I decided to enroll in a specialized school in this field after completing my gymnasium studies in 2017.

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Passionate about creating video content, I embarked on 3 years of studies at the SAE Institute Geneva in Film Production, where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in 2021. I learned a lot about cinema and the technical aspect. Having participated in several shoots, I directed several short films: Hopeless, Zugzwang, Hikikomori, Underwater, the documentary Unsecure, and the fictitious advertisement Salomon. I had the opportunity to assist my classmates as a script supervisor, chief lighting technician, and first assistant director.


Subsequently, I worked at WatchesTV and the Museum of Ethnography of Geneva where I was able to develop my skills as a cameraman, editor, and color grader. Indeed, these two companies mainly created content for YouTube and their social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Moreover, apart from my studies and jobs, I have also directed and edited personal projects or for clients, such as advertisements, corporate videos, short films, or video clips and teasers adapted to social media formats. My favorite editing software is DaVinci Resolve, and I have refined my skills over the years to deliver high-quality results within tight deadlines.


Since 2017, I have also learned photography as a self-taught photographer. Having developed my artistic universe and skills, over these years, I have been able to practice wedding photography, event photography, portraits, corporate photography, family photography, as well as dynamic and pregnancy photography.


In the near future, I am working towards specializing in video editing and color grading. As a professional colorist, I have a deep passion for my work. To me, color grading is not just a task, but a true calling. I derive immense pleasure from bringing footage to life by meticulously adjusting colors and tones to create a captivating atmosphere. One of the most rewarding aspects of color grading is the ability to evoke emotions and convey messages through visual storytelling. I firmly believe that color plays a crucial role in shaping the mood and tone of a video, allowing me to infuse depth and emotion into every frame.


Furthermore, I aim to continue directing short films and, above all, to realize my first feature film, a goal I have been pursuing since childhood.


I also plan to further specialize in shooting underwater scenes to bring my own artistic touch to my future works.

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